Posted on January 9, 2010 by Frederik Vig in Personal

Happy new year everyone! Just got back from an excellent vacation in New York, USA. Feel very rested and looking forward to getting back to work! Some updates: I received the EMVP (EPiServer Most Valued Professional) status, started out on my own as a freelance ASP.NET developer, and created the first EPiServer meetup group in Norway.

The biggest change for me was starting out on my own. I’m about to sign a contract for three months with a local EPiServer partner here in Oslo, for them to contract me 3-4 days a week. The other 1-2 days I’m going to spend working on an EPiServer module (more information to come) for EPiServer CMS 6.

My goal for this blog is to roughly write a blog post once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less). Mostly focusing on ASP.NET and EPiServer stuff, but also more content on other subjects, reflecting what I’m focusing on at the moment.

I’m a firm believer that when you only focus on one thing, you tend to only see things through one perspective. In 2010 I’m going to explore more outside my comfort zone and what I usually work with. Some of the things that I’m exploring at the moment: The Django framework, PHP (building a time tracking application for my freelance business), I just received a few books that I’m reading, and I’m going to explore more of Umbraco (hopefully getting certified in Umbraco this spring). I think all of this will help me become a better developer, and help me with my daily work. I will of course try to share my experiences with you on this blog.

The Create an EPiServer site from scratch was a huge success, with lots of great feedback. Very inspiring for me, giving me lots of ideas for further series. Thanks for all the comments, and keep them coming!

With the EPiServer meetup group in Oslo I hope to meet more of the rest of the community in Norway. One of the things I’ve missed is a community here in Oslo. I think I actually know more EPiServer developers in Sweden than in Norway.. the traffic to this blog actually back that up, 4 times as many from Sweden than from Norway. Hopefully this will change with the meetup group, allowing me to meet all the cool EPiServer developers that I know are out there :).

Another thing this year is redesigning of my blog. I’m not a designer, so this will be a fun and new experience, again outside my comfort zone, but something I think I’ll learn a lot from. I have a few Photoshop DVD courses that I’m going to go through, learning Photoshop even more, helping me with the redesign and with manipulating the pictures I use in my blog posts.

Since I’m my own boss I’m using Fridays as a “do what you want day”, either taking a long weekend and going somewhere, blogging, redesigning, or any of my other projects. I think this will help me focus and work even better the rest of the week.

Lots of projects and ideas! Very excited to get started and learn even more this year than the last! Thanks for all your support and great comments last year! I’ll do my best to create an even better blog this year!

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