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Posted on October 25, 2009 by Frederik Vig in EPiServer

In previous posts I’ve blogged about the SlideShare API. In this post I’m going to show how you can use it to create a Dynamic Content Plugin that lets your editors choose a presentation from and display it on their web page.

Before we start I recommend that you read through my SlideShare API post and also browse the code to get a better picture of what we can do and what is available for you to extend and build on.

I would like to thank Peter Sunna for his excellent blog post Display youtube videos in episerver using dynamic content – which this code is based on.

The plugin consists of two parts, an admin plugin for storing settings, and the dynamic content plugin for choosing a presentation.

Admin plugin

SlideShare Admin plugin
Take a look at my post Creating an EPiServer Plugin for more information.

To get the API and Shared Secret keys go to the Apply for API Keys page and fill out the form. You should then receive an email with both keys.

Dynamic content plugin

SlideShare Dynamic Content plugin

With paging:
SlideShare Dynamic Content plugin with paging

I’ve only added the ability for editors to choose a presentation from one user. But if you take a look at the SlideShare API, you see all the other methods we can use to improve this even further.

View mode


  1. Download and extract FV.DynamicSlideSharea
  2. Open up the Install folder
  3. Copy the dll files from the bin folder to your sites bin folder
  4. Copy the language file from the lang folder
  5. Copy the whole FV.DynamicSlideShare folder
  6. Register the dynamic content plugin in your sites episerver.config file
    		<add description="DynamicSlideShare" name="DynamicSlideShare" type="FV.DynamicSlideShare.Plugins.DynamicSlideShare, FV.DynamicSlideShare"/>

Remember to fill out the settings in admin mode, under Tools and SlideShare Admin.

Apply for API and Security key.

Download FV.DynamicSlideShare from EPiCode, or SVN Checkout the source code.

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